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The Lear Title Agency, LLC is located in Colts Neck, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Lear Title has operated as a Licensed Producer for Old Republic Title Insurance Company since 2005. It is independently owned, and managed by Bob Santry, with continuing support from its founder, Ed Lear.  Our combined experience in real estate and insurance transactions spans more than 37 years.  Our expertise is of special value to real estate professionals and entrepreneurs engaged in managing portfolios of complex properties in New Jersey.  Every transaction is meticulously reviewed and processed to provide maximum protection for our customers, our clients and our Underwriters.  
Our experienced staff would love to offer a competitive price point.  But like our competitors, we are tightly regulated by New Jersey's Department of Banking and Insurance, and must operate and comply with the mandates of the Department.  We therefore must compete for your business on quality and performance.  Give us a try - you won't be disappointed.

You can contact Lear's client representatives, John Dunnell, Vice President of Operations, or Bob Santry, President at (732) 866-0898 or LTAMAIL@LEARTITLE.COM (i.e.  

Our advice is free, but your experience is worth everything to us.


Providing Exceptional Support to Real Estate Professionals


 Robert Santry, President

Edgar M. Lear, President Emeritus

John R. Dunnell, Vice President- Operations


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